OPEAM provides risk management solutions in all areas of safety management and compliance for the oil & gas industry.

OPEAM manage safety risks of an activity by ensuring the operations meet the customers standards through clear expectations and “Dynamic Safety Supervision.”

OPEAM offer an End to End (E2E) safety management process that delivers a consistent message for those people on site and results in a reduction in incidents, less confusion and more productive hours on the job. E2E safety management thereby reduces the number of interfaces the site staff need to engage with and ensures a consistent message across activities.

OPEAM site safety management will deliver several benefits, including:

  • Ensuring principal contractor and the end customer meets their “duty of care”
  • All people working on the activity are engaged and have been consulted
  • Independent and unbiased – We will not accept work that is just “Good Enough”
  • Experienced in the activities and truly understand the risks
  • Build respect within the work group
  • Provision of “Dynamic Safety Supervision” ensuring that when conditions change the controls change as well

Our vast range of services can help you meet all of your safety expectations and compliance needs across many areas including:

Document Development

Our safety personnel have the skills and experience to provide technical guidance with the development of Job Loss Analysis and Job Safety Analysis as well as work instructions and Safe work method statements to produce meaningful and workable documents.


Audits and observations

  • Loss prevention observations and reporting
  • Conduct of site and project safety audits

Our personnel have the skills and ability to participate in your safety audit programs.

They will provide meaningful input and enhancement to your own activities, further improving site safety.

Process Safety

  • Development of process plans
  • Participation in safety case and HAZOP reviews

Opeam have personnel trained in the development of process safety plans. They will ensure that all relevant documentation and information is compiled into a suitable plan for each task.

The purpose of a process plan is to cover all aspects of an activity so that all risk exposures are identified, and mitigation measures are implemented prior to commencing the task.


Response Services

OPEAM’s trained personnel can respond to a fuel spilling incident in a timely and professional manner, utilising company and site owned assets and equipment.

  • We can assist your organisation in providing an on-call response service.
  • Assist in the clean-up of a spill – OPEAM currently leases and maintains equipment for Mobil, acting as the emergency incident response team in the event of a fuel spill.
  • Liaison with emergency services to minimise environmental impacts


Safeguarding against marine pollution, our environmental division offers preservation by encompassing marine pollution control activities such as emergency spill response, supply and maintenance of equipment including vessel management.

OPEAM is able to offer a total marine pollution preparedness package to ensure your organisation’s emergency response meets the expectations of all stakeholders.

Additionally, for high risk activities OPEAM can be engaged to perform/manage these activities to the standards demanded by your organisation to meet regulatory legislation. We understand the importance of the preservation of your reputation.

Our high standards protect you and your organisation from unnecessary risk exposure and provides you with peace of mind knowing your risk management strategy is sound.

An offshore vessel performing oil spill

Asset Management

Provision or lease of assets applicable to aviation fuelling facilities

  • Equipment and resources
  • Oil Spill Response (OSR) equipment
  • Oil Spill Response (OSR) vessels and workboats
  • Maintenance of Oil Spill Response (OSR) equipment
  • A wide selection of training courses including the maintenance and use of OSR equipment, OSR standard operating procedures etc