-Good Enough is Not Good Enough–

With OPEAM the job is done right first time, every time.

OPEAM is a professional risk management company working in the oil & gas industry offering risk management solutions to worldwide organisations. OPEAM also has an Aviation Maintenance branch, concentrating on the mechanical maintenance of aviation sites and refuelling equipment.

OPEAM in conjunction with the Aviation Maintenance Group (AMG), offers maintenance, safety services, project management and consulting. Covered by our specialists across each of these areas, we have experience in vehicle building, site installations, repairs, tank cleaning, and routine maintenance throughout the country. Our experience and understanding of the oil & gas industry has been built up by the close working relationships developed with our customers over the past 25 years.

We work closely with our customers and ensure they gain an understanding of what is important to each organisation. Our experienced personnel ensure compliance with your processes, giving you, the customer, the assurance that the activity meets the standards that you have specified.

The ability to customise our services to suit your organisation and provide dynamic safety supervision means that OPEAM actively manages your risks. So, when the most important thing is getting the job done correctly with no room for error, the utilisation of dedicated specialists makes good business sense.

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Are you a company within the Petrochemical or Aviation industry?

Do you struggle with staying up to date with compliance obligations?

Are your staff resources limited making it difficult to conduct maintenance work or have insufficiently trained staff within your specialised field?

Are you lacking in knowledge and require assistance or advice surrounding your major project?

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